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Sandra Robbie

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A Celebration for all our Communities


Mendez v. Westminster 75th Anniversary Celebration

Creating a New Tradition of PEACE

See the amazing Mendez v. Westminster film FREE!

See the Emmy-Winning Documentary FREE!

Mendez vs. Westminster:

For All the Children

​​Sandra Robbie, Writer/Producer


A humble half-hour Emmy-winning film that will rock your world.

2022 is the 75-year anniversary of Mendez v. Westminster.

Let's get to 1 million views by December 31, 2021!


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Our history books don't mention it but segregation took place all across America, not just in the South. Mendez v. Westminster is the 1947 OC civil rights case that took place during WWII and the Japanese Internment.  Mendez made California the first state to end segregation, paving the way to Brown v. Board seven years later. Among many surprises, Earl Warren and Thurgood Marshall were involved with both Mendez & Brown.  This stunning story connects us all.


Join Go Mendez!

Help America celebrate the MvW 75-year anniversary

in all our schools & communities

now thru 2022.

Join today to participate in

Random Act of  Mendez planning and celebrating!

Let's get 1 million Mendez views by December 31, 2021, the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. 

Start the celebration today! 

Start the school year right.


Emmy-winning Writer/Producer

Sandra Robbie's

   Lady Parts    

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Some of the Fun

Sandra Robbie's Lady Parts at the Rec Room

Huntington Beach, CA

Sure, I'm a Mendez Maniac. 

But hear this:

I am Mendez and so much more. 

I'm a mom.

A sister.

A daughter.  

A woman.

A partner.

A friend.

An ally.

I love to laugh.

I'm an hmmedian.

I'm committed to making this time count.

You, too?

Let's do this. 

Check back! 

E-vents Coming Up!

Tickets available soon! 
Bring Your Posse.
Wear Your Pussy Hat.
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