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Mendez vs. Westminster:

For All the Children

​​Sandra Robbie, Writer/Producer

Mendez v. Westminster

The humble half-hour Emmy-winning film that will rock your world.

 75-year anniversary of Mendez v. Westminster

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ABOUT OC American Civil Rights Tour

An Extraordinary Experience just 4 miles from Disneyland

OC American Civil Rights Tour transports you into the secret heart of thoughtfully preserved Old Towne Orange, a uniquely beautiful setting that is truly a time capsule of California’s segregation era located just four miles from Disneyland. Block by block, hidden civil rights history and sites are revealed that set the stage for making California the first state to outlaw school segregation in 1947, helping pave the way to the landmark 1954 Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education.  


Heartfelt Insights & Humor in a One-Woman Show

In 2019, Sandra Robbie, OC American Civil Rights Tour, was developing a one-woman comedy show entitled “Sandra Robbie’s Lady Parts” that explored the boxes we put ourselves and others into every day. She was aiming to take "Lady Parts" to college campuses across the country - then COVID changed everything.  OC American Civil Rights Tour brings some of the spice of that dream and mixes it with Sandra's Mendez v. Westminster journey to create a “street theatre” performance sharing powerful history and stories of personal change through Sandra's experience as an Emmy-winning filmmaker and activist working for 20+ years promoting a story aimed at changing the way we teach history in our schools.  Laughs sprinkled in along the way because that is how she rolls.


Connection & Critical Race Theory

OC American Civil Rights Tour links east coast and west coast Americana to reveal a picture of our country’s history that is more inclusive and offers different insights from what is currently presented in our classrooms.  The American civil rights story is so much bigger than our history books tell us.  Critical Race Theory?  Oh yes, we're going to talk about it.  In fact, we're going to walk right into it and examine it way up close.  


Sandra Robbie's Lad Parts

Emmy-winning Writer/Producer

Sandra Robbie's

   Lady Parts    

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Some of the Fun

Sandra Robbie's Lady Parts at the Rec Room

Huntington Beach, CA

Sure, I'm a Mendez Maniac. 

But hear this:

I am Mendez and so much more. 

I'm a mom.

A sister.

A daughter.  

A woman.

A partner.

A friend.

An ally.

I love to laugh.

I'm an hmmedian.

I'm committed to making this time count.

You, too?

Let's do this. 

Sandra will be performing at

The Comedy Store in La Jolla on Wednesday, August 30

Get your tickets here! 

Loved One Memory Card

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Teacher & Student Trainings

Community Leadership

Diversity & Inclusion


Navigating Change

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