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Random Act of Mendez

75-Year Anniversary of Mendez v. Westminster Celebrating PEACE in our Communities



Equity Education

Acts of Kindness


Excellent Community Engagement

Paper Flower Tutorial

Court cases start over something as simple as not being service cake.  Not being able to sit where you want on the bus.  The truth is, YOU and so many others in our communities contribute to the freedoms we experience every day.  The truth is WE make history ever day through our acts of PEACE...and there are people whose name we may never see in history books that make our freedoms possible every day. 


Random Act of Mendez intends to honor and celebrate those every day actions of PEACE.

Make a simple paper flower and give it to

a person you catch doing a

Random Act of Mendez - an act of PEACE. 

You can celebrate every day, but particular dates are: 

  • April 14         Ninth Circuit Court Decision in favor of the Mendez Plaintiffs in 1947

  • June 14         Then-California Governor Earl Warren signed legislation ending the segregation of                                American Indians and Asians.

Feel Free to

Copy,  Paste and PRINT this Thank You to give with your


Thank You for Your

Random Act of Mendez

Celebrating P E A C E

& the 75-year anniversary of the OC civil rights case

Mendez v. Westminster


Equity  Education    

Act of Kindness           


Excellent Community Engagement


See Mendez v Westminster: For All the Children

FREE on YouTube!


Mendez v. Westminster 75-Year Anniversary Events


February 19, 1942               Executive Order 9066

July 5, 1945                         MvW Trial Begins in LA

February 18, 1946               MvW Federal Decision

April 14, 1947                      9th Circuit Court Decision

June 14, 1947                      Segregation Repealed

May 17, 1954                       Brown v. Board of Education Decision



Post your photos to:   #randomactofmendez     #raom

You ROCK!!   You KNOW IT!!

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